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Cinema Opulentus, Fine Art Photographer, Edward Donato, Eduardus Donatella (TM), Series "Alexandria Hotel". Shot in Large Format Color Reversal Film. Los Angeles California. DTLA. "Mojave Republic" new series in production coming in 2020.
The Alexandria Hotel is situated in Downtown Los Angeles, 5th and Spring Streets. Opened in 1906, it was one of the most socially active restaurants and hotels of its time. Serving the Hollywood political and social elite, such as Winston Churchill, Enrico Caruso, King Edward VIII; and American presidents Taft, Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt. Charlie Chaplin and Mae West. Over a hundred years after its opening, the Alexandria was all but forgotten. It became a hidden dwelling from the mainstream. Its occupants secretly tucked away, where their hidden world could thrive. It's widely believed that the Alexandria is haunted by ghosts, spirits, unexplained paranormal activity, and even vampires. Fact or fiction, the hotel seemed like a fun platform to draw on creatively, and enjoy L.A.'s beautiful old world charm.
The photographer, a Los Angeles native, mostly shoots Large Format black and white. To see some of the black and white photography, click one of the links at the bottom of the page.
The images were produced using large format color film. The original prints were hand made, 16x20 and 30x40.


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